Arisona Health of U.S.A. Inc(美國美桑寶生技)於2017年在美國加州成立。

由臨床醫學博士David Huang(黃士賓)博士/Robert Chang(張家瑞)臨床醫師、教授/Sun Chen(陳裕三)臨床醫師/Tsai Chung-chieh(蔡承杰)臨床醫師/Jack Wang(王宏峪)教授等醫師研發團隊共同成立促進與維護全人類健康的公司。

臨床自然醫學療法,須具備西方醫學人體解剖學的基礎教育與知識,適當採用生物醫學(biomedicine)與現代科學治療方式,自然平衡身體 。









Arisona Health of U.S.A. Inc. was established in California in 2017. The members of our teamare  Dr. David Huang, clinical M.D., Dr. Robert Chang, clinician and professor, Dr. Sun Chen, clinician and professor, and other professors of medicine.
Clinical naturopathy must include an educational foundation in, and knowledge of, Western human anatomy, appropriate use of biomedicine, and modern scientific treatment methods to naturally balance the body. 

We incorporate primarily Chinese medicine (based on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean macrotherapies, which pay attention to treatment methods involving the Yin, Yang, Five Elements, and harmony in the flow of  the body’s vital energy and blood), and supplement this with Tibetan and Mongolian medicines, and India’s Ayurveda medicine (which pay particular attention to earth, water, fire, wind and void, expounding on the effect that breeding and nurturing in the natural world has on life, and to the generate-inhibit treatment method in the theological Five Profounds theory of cause and effect).  

In a clinical naturopathy treatment system, these were incorporated into alternative and  complementary medicines (ACM), such as Eastern botanical Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, German herbal medicine (which discuss treatment methods through extraction of complex amino acids, proteins, and chemical composition from flora, and by fragrances from essential oils) and other pharmacologically complex natural multi-structured peptides that are selected for drug compatibility, and put to practical use in treatments of major clinical diseases in humans. These have a very positive effect as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of cancer, totally different from the ordinary diet—natural treatment method.

In clinical naturopathy treatment methods, most medical materials are easily obtainable and easy to use, such as extracts from natural flora, and complex natural, multi-structured peptides that are selected for drug compatibility. Instead of using living fauna and toxic flora as medical materials,  blend the key elements in nature’s geographic environment (earth, water, fire, wind), with  time and space, tap into the earth and make use of safe medicines, which have a very significant therapeutic effect in treating illnesses that Western medicines cannot treat.

For example: 
Treatment and adjunctive treatment of cancer. In clinical neuropathy, taking extracts from multi-structured peptides found in natural flora can mitigate side effects (such as vomiting, diarrhea, mucosal damage in the oral cavity, feeling tired, weak, poor appetite, peripheral neuropathy, myelosuppression, weakened immunity), and can suppress the metastasis of cancer cells, shrink the size of cancer cells, and for the patient, it can boost the survival rate and improve the quality of life.

For example:
Gynecological treatment. Taking extracts from multi-structured peptides found in natural flora has significant effects and results when treating intractable diseases in gynecology (such as treatment of menstrual pain, infertility), hemorrhoids (internal and external hemorrhoids in vascular diseases), treatment of serious illnesses in the liver, gall bladder, intestines and stomach, treatment of heart and lung disease, and retinopathy. 

Our main motivation is to promote physical and spiritual balance in the health and lives of human beings.  As pioneers of combining most modern medications with traditional medications from the past, we carefully select novel natural botanicals from the U.S., Asia, and Europe. We precisely develop natural formulas suitable for all human beings. Our products are widely used in Western medicine and clinical practice. We are dedicated to assisting you in improving your longevity, wisdom, and physical and mental health.